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13 Delicious & Easy Sweet Rava Laddu | Rava Laddu Recipes

Quick & Easy Sweet Rava Laddu

Diwali is coming! It’s a big celebration occasion for people all over India and also worldwide. This occasion is basically known as the festival of lights and is celebrated with lots of pompous and galore. For that day everything wears new as houses and streets wear with lots of lights, we buy and wear new clothes and jewelry, prepare a variety of sweets and distribute among family and friends. So why not make this occasion some special kind of sweets? So I decided to make at home Rava Laddu which is so tasty and delicious, also love these sweets, everyone, and the kids.

Rava Laddu

This Rava laddu recipe not only for Diwali, you can make that recipe for any occasion and party. This particular sweet dish is an obligation on all occasions, celebrations, and matrimonies. And among all the amazing types of Indian sweets, Ladoos are the most famous & delicious ones.

13 delicious different way Rava Laddu make at home in your special moments:

1. Rava Laddu with Jaggery:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Ladoo with Jaggery
(Image: cookingbyinstinct)
This Rava laddu made with jaggery which no added sugar or say replacing sugar, delicious and healthy sweet thing that makes for festivals and this ladoo is vegan, no ghee, no sugar good for vegetarian. Mouth-watering this Rava ladoos prepare using jaggery for a healthy version.

2. Coconut Rava Laddu:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Coconut Ladoo
(Image: veganricha)

This is an easy and quick yummy ladoo recipe with coconut, Rava, khoya, and sugar as the main ingredients. Celebrate Diwali or any party or occasion with these delicious Coconut Rava Ladoo. Adding coconut, gives you a nice sweet flavor it, don’t wait just make it at home!

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3. Rava Ladoo without Coconut:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Laddu Without Milk
(Image: aahaaramonline)

Using the Rava and a few other ingredients, you can make this easy Rava laddu recipe (except coconut) in South Indian style. This is a very quick and easy Indian dish recipe, which is known as Sooji Ladoo or Sooji Laddu recipe in the northern Indian states. It is very easy to make and can be stored for more days or a week. check out how to make it.

4. Rava Laddu / Rava Ladoo with Milk:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Laddu With Milk
(Image: homemadecuisines)

Rava Laddu is delicious sweets for any occasion and especially for Diwali. Rava Laddu is a quick and delicious sweet made with Semolina or Rava, sugar, ghee, and roasted nuts. If you can’t make it too hard to bind into laddu then add some milk which gives you easy to make and a great flavor, see how to make this recipe.

5. Rava Laddu with Condense Milk:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Condensed Milk Rava Ladoo
(Image: blendwithspices)

Condensed Milk Rava Ladoo is a very quick and easy sweet that you can make for Diwali. This Rava laddu made with condensed milk is so much delicious that anyone loves that recipe and also kids. Enjoy the recipe with your favorite persons.

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6. Rava Ladoo with Milk Powder:

Rava Laddu with Milk Powder
(Image: Pinterest)

Ladoos is a worldwide sweet, which is not scattered around in India but has scored worldwide. Milk Powder Ladooos or I want to call them, Milky Laddu is made using condensed milk and milk powder. Those have been very dissolving in the rich taste and mouth melt texture. They prepare healthy flavors and flashing an eye.

7. Rava Laddu with Sugar Syrup:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Laddu with Sugar Syrup
(Image: Google Safe Search)
Rava laddu is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet roasted peppercorn and sugar syrup mixed with ghee and dried fruits. It has a soft texture made with sugar syrup which is melt in the mouth. If you want to know this Rava laddu with sugar syrup recipe see that.

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8. Rava Laddu with Palm Sugar:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Laddu with Palm Sugar
(Image: ujwala’s delicacies)
Palm sugar has low glycemic indices that are very good for diabetics than white sugar. So it is good to use it in Rawa Laddu instead of white sugar. you can add a few cut dates that are ideal for glacial indicators and diabetics. Therefore, diabetes can be infected with the hope of increasing blood sugar levels. To make this recipe without fear and celebrating any occasion and Diwali with Palm Rava laddu or Rava Laddu with Palm Sugar.

9. Chocolate Rava Laddu:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Chocolate Rava Laddu
(Image: Yummy Tummy)

Chocolate Rava laddu is not a dinner party especially during Diwali (Indian festival). It is made with the use of golden flour or Rava, sugar, and white chocolate. See how to make it at home!

10. Dalia Rava Laddu:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Dalia Rava Laddu
(Image: iskcondesiretree)
This Dalia Rava Laddu recipe is awesome to taste and make it home so easy. Make it now and enjoy! and see that Dalia Rava Ladoo recipe here and make it at home by that preparation.

11. Rava Ladoo with Khoya:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Rava Laddu with Khoya
(Image: Google Safe Search)

The Rava Mawa Laddu is so much popular in Madanganj Kishangarh, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Semolina mawa ladoo or Rava Laddu with Khoya in the list of sweet dishes prepared or makes during Deepawali or any occasion. Try to make this sweet Rava laddu and to store them for up to prepare delicious sweet mawa Rava laddu, first greated the khoya and add the nut slowly. Heat ghee in a pan and roast the semolina or Rava on low heat……see here how to make it.

12. Carrot Rava Laddu:

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Carrot Rava Laddu
(Image: rachnas-kitchen)

Carrot Rava Laddu is a very healthy and delicious sweet dish and the flavor of carrot makes this recipe awesome. It’s a quick and easy recipe which you can make at home so easy for coming Diwali festival or any occasion.

13. Kaju Rava Laddu: 

Rava Laddu | Rava Ladoo Recipe
Kaju Rava Laddu 
(Image: Foodviva)

A recipe for a vegan tasty Kaju Rava Laddu with cashews, nuts, and coconut, and cardamom. Ghee’s addiction smells so many stairs, so for my herbal or vegan version, I  found healthy and delicious as well, and a tasteful recipe. Also, this is one of my favorite Ra

Celebrate or enjoy this healthy and delicious sweet Rava Laddu Recipe with your family and friends or your favorite persons.
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If you want to make Rava laddu or Rava Ladoo, here a video clip to prepare step by step found from YouTube (Channel: Hebbars kitchen).

Try Rava Ladoo at Home!
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Common FAQ:


Q. Who invented ladoo?

A. Ladoo is popular all over the world, mainly motichoor ladoo and coconut ladoo, where ever you travel in the country. Basically, Sushruta, also known as the ‘father of surgery’ in India, the ancient Indian physician, first used spherical balls of sesame seeds as antiseptic to treat patients. And from here ladoo become loves for everyone.

Q. How long does ladoo last?
A. The ladoos will be stored in the cover container or lid for up to 10 days at room temperature and refrigerated for up to one month, but it depends on the quality of laddu and made of ingredients of laddu.
Q. Can we keep Laddu in the fridge?
A. You can keep Ladoos at room temperature with a covered lid or container for up to 10 days and for one month in the fridge or put away it for a long time without any worries.
Q. How do keep Kaju Rava ladoo in the fridge?
A. Kaju Rava Ladu should be kept in an airtight container in the fridge. and it will be store for about six months or they will be kept in about one year. You can easily travel with that laddu.
Q. Is jaggery OK for diabetics?
A. Jaggery contains sucrose which is absorbed by our body and increases blood sugar levels, so those who are don’t have diabetics will eat jaggery replacing sugar, such as Jaggery Rava laddo, it will be healthy no sugar sweet dessert. For diabetics who have, doctors preferred to follow the Glycemic Index Diet.
Q. Can I use condensed milk to replace sugar for ladoo?
A. Yes, it will be good to use condensed milk or milk made from milk replace by the sugar. You can make with Rava, condense milk or milk made, coconut, ghee, cardamom powder, some nuts and it’s ready to eat Rava ladoo with condensed milk.

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