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Easy and Quick Way To Cook Jeera Rice

easy jeera rice recipe

The Jeera Rice!

The so simple, delicious, quick, flavorful recipe is the easy jeera rice recipe ever. Today I cook jeera rice recipe easy way.

This jeera or cumin rice recipe is fluffy, fragrant, flavorful, and delicious. The simple steamed rice is simply flavored with jeera (aka cumin seeds), hence the name Cumin rice or Jeera pulao. Easy recipe for jeera rice is mainly Indian cuisine and this can be a spice-rich biryani recipe available from ordinary steamed rice that can be served with any side dish.

One such simple and favorite recipe is the easy rice recipe of jeera made with long grain rice and cumin seeds. In this article, I want to show or display 2 ways easy recipes for making jeera rice. To know the method before you have to know about the rice to water ratio amount.

Rice to water ratio for easy jeera or cumin rice recipe:

The rice to water always depends on the quality of rice which you used for preparation. So use your cooking experience and take care of the rice when boil. The rice is steamed in the liquid in a pan which is covered so that the steam does not go or not evaporate. Mainly when cooking the rice to water ratio is 1:2 which means for every cup of rice, you need two cups of water. When the water level low and the rice is fluffy, that means the rice is cooked well and separate from each other.

Rice to water ratio in a pressure cooker 1:1.5 or1.75

Rice to water ratio in a pan or pot 1:2 or 2.5

Because the number of ingredients in this recipe is not so more so that I really recommend using a good quality seed of rice. This recipe for jeera rice (Indian steamed cumin rice) will never fail you!

easy jeera rice recipe
Jeera Rice

2 types of methods mainly used anywhere. See the following method below:

One-pot method – jeera rice or cumin rice:

This is the home-style method, quick, and just one pot to wash afterward. In this easy jeera rice recipe method, temper the whole spices, cumin seeds in ghee, and then cook the rice with the spices in the water. This way the rice absorbs the flavors well.

Also, another you can do that way, the jeera and whole spices are sauteed first in hot oil. The rice is cook along with the spices and mixes with that gently. This method is similar to that making of pulao, where the jeera grain rice also called jeera pulao.

In this second method, you can make that jeera rice recipe easy way in a pressure cooker or also in a pan or pot. Here you can make the cumin rice (jeera) using with for flavor of cumin, add cumin seeds or jeera, the whole garam masala really well as everything is cooked together in one pot.

To look like a pulao add some yellow food color in that rice. Better to use natural color than an external coloring agent.

Restaurant-style easy jeera rice with cooked rice:

The flavor of jeera or cumin rice in restaurant style easily can make at home. The taste of that cumin rice is awesome, fragrant, is mildly spiced, and tastes too good with the flavor from cumin.

The rice grains are cooked first with whole spices. Then a tempering with cumin and green chilies is made. Then these spices (green chilies and cumin) add to the cooked rice and mix well. This is the process used mainly in restaurants. For color and flavor, cooked the rice with some saffron strands.


In this method, we need some pre-cooked rice or you have some leftover rice. This pre-cooked basmati rice is seasoning with all spices, cumin seeds, and you can add and mixed with cashew nuts, raisins.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Servings : 3

Calories: 265

easy jeera rice recipe

This easy jeera rice recipe is delicious, non-sticky, fluffy, and flavorful with cumin seeds. So let’s see what are the ingredients needed and how to make the jeera rice recipe easy way to make at home so easily:


  • 1 cup long strain Basmati Rice
  • 2 cups water + extra for soaking
  • 1 tbsp Ghee or butter
  • 1 Bayleaf
  • 1-inch Cinnamon Stick
  • 4-5 cardamon
  • 2-4 Cloves (lavang)
  • 1 tsp Jeera (Cumin Seeds)
  • 1 Green Chilli, chopped finely
  • 1/2 tsp Salt or as required
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • 1 or 2 single strands of mace (javitri)
  • 2 tbsp chopped Coriander for topping
  • 1 tbsp Cashew nuts (for restaurant-style version)

* Water 2 cups for one-pot method, 3 cups for restaurant-style method

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  1. Wash the basmati rice a few times, and then soak the rice in enough water to allow the rice to be completely wet and one-inch extra water on top of that. Soak the rice for 30 minutes.
  2. When ready to cook, drain, and discard all the water from the rice and keep the rice aside.
  3. Heat 2 cups of water, add salt and lemon juice; mix well (lemon juice is optional) and till comes to boil. Add the spices (cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, mace, or javitri) and then add rice and then reduce the heat to simmer the rice on a low flame and uncovered or cover with the lid. Cover and cook for approximately five to six minutes, till all the water, has evaporated and the rice is cooked through.
  4. Drain the water and keep the cooked rice aside.
  5. Make the jeera or cumin hot rice:
  6. Heat ghee in a pan and add cumin or jeera seeds.
  7. Once the cumin seeds start spluttering, add the chopped green chilli. Stir a few seconds and no need to wait for brown the chillis.
  8. Add this cooked cumin seeds and chillis in the hot or warm. Start to mix with a fork gently, even if some rice break for mixing by a fork, don’t worry about that and mix continuously. Also, add coriander leaves and mix, try to not break the rice, keep the attention, and take care of this, do gently mix the rice with this. This helps add more flavor to the rice.
  9. At last, for garnishing, chopped coriander leaves spread over the rice while serving and ready to serve the hot jeera rice recipe with any dishes like
  • kadai paneer or palak panner,
  • creamy based gravies like panner butter masala, shahi paneer,
  • Aloo’r dom,
  • Chilli chicken or any chicken item,
  • any shrimp recipes
  • dal or dal fry recipe or panner curry etc.
  • You can eat this jeera rice recipe with raita like onion raita, carrot raita, mint raita, cucumber raita, or with salad (click here to see many types of salad which you make at home so easy and quick also).
easy jeera rice recipe
Cumin / Jeera Rice


  • If your leftover the rice, then don’t worry do the same proportion of ingredients and again do the same process mention above.
  • Adding ghee/oil while cooking rice will make rice nonsticky, otherwise, the rice will be stuck in the pan.
  • You can add onions, and veggies, and other spices to make that rice more flavorful, it is optional.
Here a video clip I found from YouTube (channel: Cookingshooking ) and see how to make this jeera or cumin rice step by step:
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