Cucumber Caprese Salad

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Healthy and Tasty Cucumber Caprese Salad Recipe

Cucumber Caprese Salad

This cool Cucumber Caprese Salad is filled with juicy cherry tomatoes and green avocado, and the best part is no extra time takes to make, only a few minutes to toss together with some ingredients. A fresh beautiful, delicious salad of summer, this dish is a healthy revolve on a traditional Caprese salad with loads of antioxidants.

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It is a simple recipe that easy to put together in a bowl. Loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, some red onions, mozzarella, basil leaves the extra virgin olive oil make Caprese salad with cucumber recipe just healthy and incredible, great any time of year! Try it today!

In addition to mozzarella cheese, this is the real fresh salad in the garden. We’re growing basil, tomatoes, and cucumbers, so it can be a garden for decorating plates. The dish is like a green garden salad of Caprese which is a very delightful and perfect side dish with Pepper steak, burgers, turkey legs, barbecue chicken, and more!

An added extra to this Caprese salad is that it is a nut and gluten-free… Mozzarella cheese really does provide some of it, making it the perfect companion for a BBQ or a lunch.

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How to prepare cucumber Caprese salad recipe

To make delicious Cucumber Caprese Salad, first, combine all dressing ingredients and set aside. Then, toss the cucumbers with olive oil, pepper, salt, some other veggie like tomatoes, onion, lettuce, kale or avocado, etc, and let them marinate for an hour or more that one hour. Finally, mix all ingredients in the balsamic glaze dressing and refrigerate for an hour before serving.


What kind of cucumber is used for that recipe?
I like to use English cucumbers in that tomato-cucumber salad less than the short, slicing different varieties because it has small seeds. If you don’t have English cucumber in your kitchen, use regular cucumber in that recipe.

If you are concerned about bitterness, cut the cucumbers in half lengthwise, then take out the seeds with a spoon or fork and remove and separate them before slicing the cucumbers.

Caprese Salad with Cucumber
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Can you make salad over time or ahead of time?

Yes, of course, you can! Chopped Caprese Salad with Cucumber is a great recipe to make in advance. It will keep well in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours or 3 days. But better to eat within 3 days or 48 hours because it will be turned into brown in color.

How to make Greek salad dressing

Whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, red wine vinegar (optional), finely chopped garlic, and dried oregano until all these ingredients will be smooth and mix well. For taste add salt and freshly cracked black pepper. This Greek dressing can be used to use almost any type of salad.

Let’s see the preparation

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4

Serving: 1

Calories: 231


2 cups cucumbers, diced (zebra peeled if desired) or sliced thin

2 cups cherry tomatoes, diced or quartered

1 1/4 cup fresh mozzarella cheese, diced

1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 teaspoons quality balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon fresh garlic, minced (about 1 large clove)

1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste

1/2 teaspoon fresh black pepper (optional) or as per taste

1 tablespoon dried oregano

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Cucumber Caprese Salad
(Image: happygoluckyblog)


  1. Take a small saucepan or pan, put balsamic vinegar in it and wait for a boil for about 10 to 20 minutes or until balsamic has shrunk and thickened like a luster. And then takeout from heat and set aside for cool.
  2. Wash the cucumber and peel and scrape the skin. And then slice thin or dice. Place these slices into a bowl.
  3. Wash cherry tomatoes and cut these quartered or diced and add to the bowl with the cucumbers.
  4. Slice mozzarella into bite-sized pieces (or use pearl-sized mozzarella balls).
  5. You can add red onion in sliced or don’t like an onion to add for that recipe omit that. Add to bowl with cucumbers and tomatoes.
  6. In a small bowl add olive oil, mozzarella, dried oregano, dried basil, and a dash of salt and pepper; add cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onion. Combine this entire mixer. Toss carefully with balsamic glaze.
  7. Allow to freeze it for 10 minutes or until before serving. Serve cold in the summertime or serve as an appetizer instead of salad.
  8. Leave some of the basil wholes for extra effect. If you are lucky enough to have basil flowers, sprinkle those on as well as for decoration or garnish.

Some Tips:

But, only add avocados to the salad you are eating immediately because they will turn brown when stored.

Cool and chill your cucumber and tomato salad even better when the flavors are mixed and everything is crisp and tasty and also delicious when a bite.

However, add the avocado to the salad you are eating right away because after saving when you stored, it will turn brown.


Notes for Recipe:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Healthy Cucumber Caprese Salad
(Image: windowtonews)
  1. Sprinkle or spread over with the marinated mozzarella balls and knead the mozzarella marinade with a tablespoon or two of olive oil.
  2. If desired, you can drizzle reduced balsamic vinegar top over the salad.
  3. Keep this recipe in the fridge for a few days. After about three days the mozzarella starts to get really soft, So do not try to get past it. Try to eat salad within three days.
  4. You can reduce or precipitate English cucumbers with raw slicing cucumbers, but keep in mind that you have to peel the skin of slicing cucumbers because the skin is thicker and firmer.
  5. Mozzarella balls are sometimes called mozzarella snacking balls, so tasty and they are available with special cheeses.
  6. If you use asparagus in that recipe Caprese salad, don’t worry it’s easy to cut. The wooden shoots need to be snapped to remove them and these will naturally disintegrate where the stiff edges begin.
  7. Don’t be afraid to change the amount of anything. Like, want more balsamic vinegar? Add more! Like more cucumbers? Add! This recipe is very compassionate and even at home for morning breakfast or as a snack I constantly play with amounts and proportions.
  8. You can customize the dressing of this salad with red wine vinegar and lemon juice to replace balsamic to taste.
  9. You can share it with a big crowd. Just be aware of your container size and the size will be big for mixing all ingredients.
  10. If you love corn, add corn to that recipe for cucumber Caprese salad.
  11. Also, add red bell peppers or any of your favorite veggies to look good or love veggies.

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To make more another way to prepare Cucumber Caprese Salad by adding these:

I am giving you more another choice of cucumber Caprese salad that you will not know which of these fun Caprese salad recipes. So, why not try them all?

Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Cucumber and Avocado Caprese Salad
(Image: livelytable)

Easy, delicious, quick make with fresh cucumber, juicy avocado, tomatoes, yummy mozzarella, and basil combine a great refreshing salad for any time as breakfast or summertime. Caprese salad with avocado and cucumber is a great appetizer for summer produce. You can add other fruits also see here to know more about this cucumber avocado Caprese salad.

Strawberry Cucumber Caprese Salad:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Strawberry Cucumber Caprese Salad
(Image : farmflavor)

This Strawberry Cucumber Caprese Salad is a refreshing juicy twist on the traditional Caprese with strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, and basil with mozzarella. The extra virgin olive oil and romaine lettuce make that recipe delicious, easy & quick to make at home. Check the recipe to prepare it so easily.


Chicken Avocado and Cucumber Caprese Salad:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Chicken Avocado and Cucumber Caprese Salad
(Image : simply-delicious-food)

Avocado and Chicken Caprese Salad is a fresh and gluten-free salad that takes just 20 minutes to make. Summer’s best salad packed with cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, chopped chicken, basil, mozzarella with a balsamic dressing that doubles as a marinade!

Cucumber And Tomato Caprese Salad:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Cucumber Tomato Caprese Salad
(Image : carlsbadcravings)

Make with cucumber and tomatoes, use cherry tomatoes or red juicy tomatoes, some mozzarella and basil, olive oil, use balsamic glaze, or use some dill or some green parsley to more colorful and delicious. To prepare lookout this recipe.

Cucumber Balsamic Caprese Salad:

Cucumber Caprese Salad
Caprese Salad with Honey Balsamic
(Image: ohmy-creative)

Cucumber balsamic Caprese salad is easy and quick to make just with 20 minutes and so delicious than any other recipes salad and if want a snack break and want healthy salad then this salad Caprese recipe is best for you. Keep a look here.

Here a video to make this healthy Caprese salad with cucumber from YouTube (Channel: Lauren Brennan), Check that video step by step, I hope it will be easy for you.

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Cucumber Caprese Salad
Cucumber Caprese Salad
Cucumber Caprese Salad

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