Valentines Day Cocktail Recipes

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valentines day cocktail recipes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and doesn’t forget this day comes only once in s year. So no one misses this day to celebrate. It’s quite natural that many couples of partners will surprise their sweetheart with flowers and chocolate. But why not something new? Here I’ve some new drink recipe ideas to celebrate this day with your partner. These Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes are really great for this season.
I can be guaranteed that these drinks can add an extra romantic tone to your Valentine’s Day. Some of these drinks are included alcohol but you can always make them non-alcoholic.
I also published another article to celebrate valentine’s day with your partner. You can check out my articles about Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes and Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas. That means you can get a full day packed-up ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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22. Raspberry Rhubarb Margarita

Raspberry Rhubarb Margaritas are a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, and the perfect cocktail for any occasion.

valentine's day cocktail recipes - Raspberry Rhubarb Margarita

Recipe here.

21. Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda

Impress your love with this Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda!

Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda - easy valentine's day cocktails

Recipe here.

20. Passionate Kisses Cocktail

Make dinner with your valentine and with perfect passionate kisses drink.

Passionate Kisses Cocktail - easy valentine's day signature cocktails

Recipe here.

19. Peach Nectar Cocktails

The beauty of the color that is great and drinks are so nice to taste, perfect drinks for Valentine’s Day.

Peach Nectar Cocktails - valentine's day cocktails

Recipe here.

18. Sour Raspberry Tom Collins

A Collins is basically a sour cocktail made using a base spirit (most usual gin), lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated. And here add some fresh raspberry, garnish with a lemon twist, or raspberries if desired.

Sour Raspberry Tom Collins - valentine's day easy cocktails recipes

Recipe here.

17. Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats, made with pink champagne and raspberry sorbet is the perfect Valentine’s treat!

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats for Valentine's Day Cocktail

Recipe here.

16. Kiss Quick Cocktail

Perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktail! Filled with fresh raspberry sauce, pineapple, cranberry juice, vodka and top up with soda water is just create wow factor and as say kiss Quick cocktail!

Kiss Quick Cocktail - easy cocktails for valentines day

Recipe here.

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valentines day dinner recipes

15. Strawberry Champagne Floats

This is one of the fabulous Valentine’s Day Drinks. To celebrate your love for your sweetheart and express your love for each other, enjoy the occasion at night with these Strawberry Champagne Floats!

Strawberry Champagne Floats - Easy Valentine's Day Cocktail

Recipe here.

14. Sugared Cranberry Mimosas

This Sugared Cranberry Mimosas made with Cranberry juice, ginger pie, sugar, champagne, lime, and fresh cranberries. Easy holiday cocktail recipe perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day!

Sugared Cranberry Mimosas - cocktails drinks for valentine's day

Recipe here.

13. Strawberry Champagne Sangria

This simple Sparkling Strawberry Champagne Sangria is only a few ingredients and the perfect cocktail to serve at all your summer parties and celebrate the romantic Valentin’s Day!

Strawberry Champagne Sangria - easy cocktails for valentines day

Recipe here.

12. Queen’s Cocktail

The Queen’s cocktail is so beautiful and this festive gin-based cocktail best for party drinks or celebrate any occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Queen's Cocktail

Recipe here.

11. Cranberry Pomegranate Bellini with Lime

Cranberry Pomegranate Bellini comes together when infused simple syrup is mixed with champagne (or seltzer) & a squeeze of lime for a yummy sparkling drink.

Cranberry Pomegranate Bellini with Lime - classic valentines day cocktails

Recipe here.

10. Cherry Vodka Cocktail

This Cherry Vodka Cocktail is the perfect drink combo for a red Valentine’s Day.

Cherry Vodka Cocktail - valentines day cocktails

Recipe here.

9. Rose Lemon Spritzers

A refreshing vodka spritzer is a perfect cocktail to celebrate valentine’s day party.

Rose Lemon Spritzers - cocktails for valentines day

Recipe here.

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8. Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Recipe here.

7. Strawberries Margaritas

With fresh strawberries, lime juice, simple syrup, tequila create great tasty flavor and nice texture, color make that drinks recipe awesome, try it now at home!

Strawberries Margaritas

Recipe here.

6. Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

This Blood Orange Gin and Tonic is a refreshing and seasonal spin to enjoy the romantic date with your partner!

Blood Orange Gin and Tonic - valentine's day vodka cocktails recipes

Recipe here.

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5. Love Martini

Love Martini is just awesome and makes love to your partner with this red drinks for Valentine’s Day.

Love Martini

Recipe here.

4. Strawberry Moscow Mules

Made with vodka and ginger beer, its super easy and our go-to drink this Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Moscow Mules - valentine's day cocktails easy

Recipe here.

3. Love Potion Cocktail

This is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes. Just look at the picture. This Love Potion Cocktail is a perfect celebration for Valentine’s Day with your partner.

Love Potion Cocktail - valentine's day cocktails

Recipe here.

2. Cranberry Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Cocktail

This cranberry pomegranate cosmopolitan cocktail is refreshing, easy and perfect for a party.

easy valentine's day cocktails recipes

Recipe here.

1. Cranberry Margarita

Cranberry margarita is a beautiful colored refreshing cocktail with a perfect balance of sweet and tart and perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and also for a holiday drink, or any party, or simply for a relaxing weekend.

Cranberry Margarita - For Valentine's Day Cocktail

Recipe here.

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